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Severe beach erosion is caused by which catastrophic event
a) earthquake
b) volcanic eruption
c) drought
d) hurricane

Hurricanes cause all of the following except
a) Storm Surges
b) Hail
c) Flooding
d) High Winds

Which of the following would impact an ecosystem in a way that is most similar to a storm surge?
a) Tsunami
b) Mudslide
c) Tornado
d) Drought

Which characteristic of the hurricane cause the most destruction?
a) Strong winds
b) Storm surge
c) Erosion
d) Thunder

If a hurricane destroys an entire U.S. city, which category would I most likely be?
a) Category 1 or 2
b) Category 4 or 5
c) Category X or Y
d) Category A or B

What do Tornadoes and Hurricanes have in common?
a) They both form over the ocean
b) They both include funnel shaped clouds.
c) They are both types of tropical storms
d) They both involve strong winds

What is the name of the scale used to rank tornados?
a) Richter Scale
b) Hurricane Scale
c) Fujita Scale
d) Saffir Simpson Scale

What is the correct order for development of a hurricane?
a) tropical depression, tropical storm, hurricane
b) tropical storm, tropical depressions, hurricane
c) tropical wave, tropical depression, tropical storm, hurricane
d) tropical storm, tropical wave, tropical depression, hurricane

Which of the following human activities can make the impact of natural hazards more severe?
a) Removing structures from flood plains.
b) Conserving water
c) Recycling.
d) Cutting down forests

What is the most common cause of tsunamis?
a) underwater earthquakes
b) tropical cyclones
c) Storm surges
d) Monsoon rains

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