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Many early Southwest farming societies survived because they used _____.
a) water sprinklers
b) irrigation
c) trade
d) clay

European explorers wanted to find a safer, shorter route to ____________________.
a) England
b) Africa
c) Asia
d) Russia

The Pilgrims came to America because of ____________________ differences.
a) cultural
b) political
c) superstitious
d) religious

The British tried to control colonial ____________________.
a) churches
b) trade
c) cooking
d) schools

Colonies unhappy with the British government sent representatives to the ____________________.
a) First Continental Congress
b) Parliment Meetings
c) Constitution Meeting
d) Declaration of Independence Meeting

The ____________________ was fought because colonists wanted their independence.
a) Korean War
b) Civil War
c) Spanish-American War
d) American Revolution

The____________________has executive, judicial, and legislative branches.
a) US Congress
b) federal government
c) British Parliments
d) local government

George Washington appointed a strong ____________________ to give him advice.
a) congress
b) judicial branch
c) Supreme Court
d) Cabinet

The ____________________ doubled the size of the United States.
a) Texas Purchase
b) Louisiana Purchase
c) Missouri Compromise
d) Virginia Compromise

After the War of 1812, more Americans felt a sense of ____________________, or loyalty to their country.
a) doubt
b) democracy
c) anarchy
d) nationalism

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