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Prokaryotic And Eukaryotic Cells. Also Plant And Animal Cells.[print questions]

Bacteria is which type of cell?
a) Prokaryotic
b) Eukaryotic
c) All of the above
d) None of the above

Plant cells have no cell wall.
a) True
b) False
c) I dont know
d) I dont care

wich cell uses photosynthesis?
a) Prokaryotic
b) Animal Cells
c) Eukaryotic
d) Plant Cells

Which cell has a nucleus
a) Cell Membrane
b) Prokaryotic Cells
c) Eukaryotic Cells
d) All of the Above

Cytoplasm of Eukaryotic Cells is Filled With ___________
a) Nothing
b) Organelles
c) Nucleus
d) Energy

A cell __________
a) Is made from other cells
b) Is the simplist form of life
c) Is the most basic living thing
d) All of the above

__________ was the first person to discover cells.
a) Schwann
b) Hooke
c) Virchow
d) Leeuwenhoek

All of the following are true about plant cells except...
a) Have a cell wall
b) Square shaped
c) Single large vacuole
d) has Centrioles

Prokaryotic cells contain _____________
a) A nucleus
b) No membrane- bound organells
c) Linear DNA
d) None of the above

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells are alike in which ways?
a) Both have cell membranes
b) Both have circular DNA
c) Both have a Nucleus
d) Both have organelles

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