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What is the main job of the President?
a) interpret laws
b) carry out laws
c) make laws
d) amend laws

Powers that are specifically listed in Article I of the U.S. Constitution are known as __.
a) implied powers
b) expressed powers
c) concurrent powers
d) reserved powers

Which of the following is NOT a branch of government?
a) executive
b) legislative
c) judicial
d) national

Which of the following is NOT a power of the executive branch?
a) to appoint ambassadors
b) to veto legislation
c) to create a budget
d) to interpret laws

Which of the following is NOT a power of Congress?
a) to approve the budget
b) to declare war
c) to veto legislation
d) to regulate interstate trade

President Obama gave a speech at a fundraising event for a Democratic candidate. He was acting as ____.
a) Chief of State
b) Chief of the Party
c) Commander in Chief
d) Chief of the Economy

The President met with leaders of foreign countries. He was acting as __.
a) Chief Diplomat
b) Chief of State
c) Chief of the Economy
d) Chief Executive

Congress is divided into the Senate and House of Representatives. It is ____.
a) bicameral
b) unicameral
c) tricameral
d) cameral

Introduce Bill >> Committee Work >> ????? >>> Vote What would best replace the question marks?
a) President signs bill
b) Sent to 2nd house
c) Debate
d) Veto

When the President is acting as the head of the armed forces, he is the ___.
a) Commander in Chief
b) Chief Legislator
c) Chief of State
d) Chief Diplomat

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