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Introduction of bill>>Committee Work on bill>>Debate bill's pros and cons>> Vote in 1st House>>Sent to 2nd House>> Signed by President What is this process called?
a) Lawmaking Process
b) Naturalization Process
c) Presidential Actions
d) Implied and Expressed Powers

Legislation is shaped by individuals and ____.
a) The Supreme Court
b) Interest Groups
c) The Electoral College
d) Ambassadors

Texting and driving has resulted in many car accidents. Because of this problem, Virginia passed a law making texting and driving illegal. This is an example of how ____.
a) laws are written in response to problems
b) checks and balances
c) Presidential veto powers in action
d) the process to amend the law

The group of advisors that assist the President administer the bureacracy and make executive decisions is known as the ____.
a) bicameral
b) forum
c) posse
d) cabinet

Which of the following is NOT a way the Executive Branch influences policy making?
a) Proposing legislation in the State of the Union Address
b) Appealing directly to the people
c) Approving or vetoing legislation
d) Overriding vetoes

Which of the following is the legislature for the nation?
a) Congress
b) Virginia General Assembly
c) House of Delegates
d) General Congress

The President is the head of the ____.
a) legislative branch
b) judicial branch
c) executive branch
d) national branch

The powers of government are limited because power is equally between the branches of government. This concept is known as ___-.
a) federalism
b) separation of powers
c) Bill of Rights
d) rule of law

How is the number of representatives for each state determined?
a) The Electoral College decides.
b) There are two representatives for each state.
c) The President decides.
d) It is based on the population of the state.

During the State of the Union Address, the President ____.
a) proposes legislation
b) vetoes bills
c) appoints judges
d) presents the budget

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