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The first level of Bloom's Taxonomy.
a) Knowledge
b) Comprehension
c) Application
d) Evaluation

The highest level of Bloom's Taxonomy.
a) Evaluation
b) Analysis
c) Synthesis
d) Comprehension

Using what you know.
a) Application
b) Knowledge
c) School
d) Home

Understanding the material.
a) Comprehension
b) Knowledge
c) Review
d) Recite

The kind of thinking we do when finding and providing evidence.
a) Knowledge; comprehension; application
b) Analysis, synthesis, evaluation
c) Knowledge and writing
d) A test

The kind of thinking we do when trying to explain something and connect it to our ideas..
a) Analysis; Synthesis; Evaluation
b) Application, Synthesis, Evaluation
c) Comprehension
d) Knowledge

Being able to count: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.
a) knowledge
b) knowledge
c) knowledge
d) knowledge

Bloom's Taxonomy
a) Knowledge, Comprehension, Application, Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation
b) Knowledge, Criticizing, Application
c) Analyze, Evaluate
d) Know, Think, Stop

What is another name for the process of Bloom's?
a) metacognition
b) megastore
c) mneumonics
d) taxes

What is one good reason for understanding Bloom's?
a) Thinking about thinking.
b) For a test.
c) For a quiz.
d) To impress people at parties.

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