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Simple Sentence (Independent Clause)
a) While laughing, Bill fell over.
b) Bill fell over, and his sister helped him up.
c) After he fell, Bill laughed.
d) While he laughed, Bill fell.

Compound Sentence
a) Jim ran into the store, but he didn't find what he was looking for.
b) Jim ran into the store.
c) He didn't find what he was looking for.
d) Because Jim didn't find what he needed, he left the store.

Complex Sentence
a) After she won the medal, Jillian danced across the stage.
b) Dancing across the stage, Jill celebrated.
c) Jill celebrated and her friends cheered.
d) Stop celebrating now!

Compound Sentence
a) Two independent clauses joined by a FANBOYS word.
b) An independent clause.
c) A dependent clause.
d) A dependent clause after an independent clause.

A dependent clause
a) After he ate his dinner
b) He ate his dinner
c) Yes, he ate his dinner
d) He ate his dinner while she sang

Complex Sentence
a) An independent clause joined with a dependent clause using a subordinating conjunction.
b) An independent clause joined with a subordinating conjunction.
c) A subordinating clause plus a dependent clause.
d) A dependent clause and an independent clause.

a) for, and, nor, but or, yet, so
b) from, after, neither, butter, oranges, yellow, sue
c) for, and, nor, because, or, yesterday, some
d) for, and, nor, but, or, yet, some

Punctuation of a complex sentence
a) one comma, one end punctuation
b) two commas, one end punctuation
c) one capital, one comma, one end punctuation
d) three commas, one semi-colon, one end punctuation

Independent clause
a) simple sentence
b) compound sentence
c) complex sentence
d) subordinating conjunction

subordinating conjunctions
a) weaken independent clauses and make them dependent
b) strengthen dependent clauses
c) create compound sentences
d) create independent clauses

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