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Which of these would be shorter if Earth rotated faster?
a) years
b) days
c) weeks
d) months

How long does Earth take to orbit once around the sun?
a) day
b) year
c) month
d) week

How long does Earth take to rotate once on its axis?
a) day
b) year
c) month
d) week

About how long does the moon take to orbit the Earth?
a) day
b) year
c) month
d) week

What instrument made possible the discovery of additional planets?
a) microscope
b) telescope
c) gyroscope
d) spectroscope

Which of the following is the largest planet in our solar system?
a) Earth
b) Saturn
c) Jupiter
d) Uranus

What causes the phases of the moon?
a) sunlight reflecting off Earth's surface
b) the moon's period of revolution equals its period of rotation
c) the tilted orbit of the moon
d) the moon's orbit around the Earth

What is the main difference between an asteroid and a meteoroid?
a) the shape of their orbits
b) their effect on Earth
c) the size of the body
d) their density

Why are the inner planets called terrestrial planets?
a) they are very hot
b) they resemble Earth
c) most are gas giants
d) they can support life

Why don't solar and lunar eclipses occur every month?
a) the moon's orbit is an ellipse
b) the moon's distance from Earth changes
c) the moon's orbit is tilted
d) the shadows do not line up correctly

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