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What is the study of the way humans lived long ago?
a) history
b) surplus
c) archaelogy
d) mounds

What group hunted animals and gathered plants for food?
a) mound builders
b) movers
c) farmers
d) hunter-gatherers

What Native American group were known for building large mounds?
a) Cherokee
b) Sioux
c) Blackfoot
d) Adena

What was the largest Missippian city?
a) Cahokia
b) Kincaid
c) Avondale
d) Simmons

A teepee is..
a) a clay home
b) a dome-shaped building
c) a round, pointed tent made from buffalo hide
d) a house

What type of homes hid the Osage live in?
a) lodges
b) tepees
c) adobes
d) shacks

The osage had extended family groups known as...
a) neighbors
b) villages
c) groups
d) clans

People who traveled to unfamiliar places were known as
a) explorers
b) warriors
c) traders
d) sight-seers

French settlements were also known as
a) villages
b) landing places
c) trading posts
d) areas

Lewis and Clark led an expedition learn about the land and resources in...
a) the Northwest
b) the Southeast
c) the Southwest
d) the East

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