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You grandfather bestows you with a 200 acre ranch.
a) legacy
b) parchment
c) relative
d) suite

Your family and your uncle (who works at a hospital) get adjoining rooms at the Disney Hotel.
a) suite
b) orderly
c) predecessor
d) race

Based on the color of your skin.
a) race
b) predecessor
c) legacy
d) ethnicity

Based on your cultural background.
a) ethnicity
b) legacy
c) predecessor
d) race

The needlepoint your gram made for your cousin's wedding.
a) embroider
b) quiver
c) parchment
d) relative

People in Rochester, NY call soda, pop.
a) colloquial
b) insistence
c) casual register of Kentucky Fried chicken
d) consultative register used in court

The paper upon which the Declaration of Independence is written.
a) parchment
b) scowl
c) triumphantly
d) bestow

My brother.
a) relative
b) legacy
c) gumption
d) trudge

The man who delivers lunch at the hospital.
a) orderly
b) surly
c) portly
d) sheepishly

Before I was the English teacher here, the position was Mr. Peter Curro's.
a) predecessor
b) maxim
c) processor
d) bestow

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