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Biodiversity includes all of the following components except
a) functional
b) genetic
c) intellectual
d) species

The variety of processes, including matter cycling and energy flow within ecosystems, that result from species interacting with one another in food webs is called
a) functional
b) genetic
c) ecosystems
d) species

Mutations are
a) source of new genetic material
b) always harmful
c) very common
d) always helpful

Mutations are not caused by which of the following?
a) physical accident to a parent
b) xrays
c) certain chemicals
d) uv light

Which of the following is not an adaptation that has made humans so successful?
a) strong thumbs
b) walking upright
c) complex brain
d) physical strength

The number of different species an ecosystem contains is its
a) species richness
b) species niche
c) species eveness
d) habitat

Which of the following would not be considered a generalist species?
a) panda
b) human
c) cockroach
d) white tailed deer

Which of the following is not an example of an indicator species?
a) all are
b) trout in a lake
c) bird that needs a large forested area
d) frog that takes in chwmicals through its skin

A species in an ecosystem that plays a central role in the health of that ecosystem, and whose removal may cause the collapse of the ecosystem, is called a(n)
a) keystone
b) indicator
c) generalist
d) specialist

A species in an ecosystem that shapes communities by creating and enhancing habitats in ways that benefit other species is called
a) foundation species
b) exotic species
c) indicator
d) native

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