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The region around a magent where the magnetic forces act is the
a) electromagnet pole
b) magnetic pole
c) magnetic field
d) magnetic current

Which of these can most easily produce magnetic fields?
a) sunlight
b) flowing water
c) electricity
d) wind

A compass needle moves when the compass is brought near a wire. What can you infer about the wire?
a) The wire is hot
b) The wire has an electric current flowing through it
c) Only one end of the wire is connected to a battery
d) The wire is aligned with the Earth's magnetic field

Which is the best way to generate an electrical current in a coil of wire?
a) rub the coil with a piece of silk
b) rotate the coil in a magnetic field
c) lay the coil near a magnet
d) heat the coil all the way through

A wire carrying electric current wrapped around an iron ore is called a(n)
a) generator
b) electromagnet
c) battery
d) conductor

An electromagnet is produced by running an electric current through a coil of wire. How would wrapping the wire around an iron core affect the electromagnet?
a) The strength of the electromagnet would decrease
b) The strength of the electromagnet would increase
c) The electromagnet would no longer conduct electricity
d) The electromagnet would no longer have magnetic properties

An electromagnet becomes magnetic only when
a) it begins to glow
b) the current is blocked
c) it loses power
d) electricity passes through

Why would a generator be an important part of an electrical circuit?
a) The circuit sends energy through the generator
b) The generator changes electricity into motion
c) The generator changes mechanical energy into electrical energy
d) The generator sends heat energy into the circuit

When an electric current flowing in a wire is moved through a magnetic field, electrical energy is transformed into _____ energy.
a) mechanical
b) chemical
c) heat
d) solar

What item is missing that could prevent a simple electric motor from working?
a) It is missing the slip ring
b) It is missing the magnet
c) It needs a larger battery
d) It needs a generator

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