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The series of events in a story is ________.
a) Plot
b) Genre
c) Theme
d) Conflict

The beginning or introduction of the story is the _________
a) Exposition
b) Rising Action
c) Falling Action
d) Resolution

The events in a story that build tension are the ___________
a) Rising Action
b) Falling Action
c) Exposition
d) Climax

The turning point of the story is the _____________
a) Climax
b) Exposition
c) Falling Action
d) Conflict

The events that occur after the climax of the story are the ___________
a) Falling Action
b) Rising Action
c) Climax
d) Exposition

The ending of the story is the ________________
a) Resolution
b) Exposition
c) Rising Action
d) Climax

_________ is the term for different types of literature
a) Genre
b) Theme
c) Characterization
d) Point of View

The problem(s) faced by the character in the story is the ___________
a) Conflict
b) Climax
c) Genre
d) Theme

The main idea or lesson of the text is the _____________
a) Theme
b) Conflict
c) Genre
d) Setting

The creation and development of a character is __________
a) Characterization
b) Theme
c) Conflict
d) Setting

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