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When I am happy, I usually __________.
a) smiles
b) am smiling
c) smile
d) is smiling.

Every wednesday, we __________ tennis.
a) plays
b) are playing
c) am playing
d) play

Water __________ at 100 degrees Celsius.
a) boil
b) is boiling
c) boils
d) are boiling

Right now, she __________ video games.
a) play
b) plays
c) is playing
d) are playing.

In general, you __________ dogs.
a) like
b) are liking
c) likes
d) am liking

At this moment, they __________ .
a) walk
b) is walking
c) walks
d) are walking

You __________ a boy.
a) are
b) are being
c) is
d) am

My name __________ Bobo The Clown.
a) is being
b) is
c) are being
d) are

Do not interrupt me, I __________.
a) talks
b) am talking
c) talk
d) is talking

I __________ grammar!
a) love
b) loves
c) am loving
d) are loving

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