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Our genetic material or blueprints
a) proteins
b) RNA
c) replication
d) DNA

the double helix is made up of nucleotides. Which is NOT part of a nucleotide?
a) protein
b) phosphate
c) nitrogen base
d) deoxyribose

The sides of the double helix are made up of:
a) proteins
b) phosphate and deoxyribose
c) nitrogen bases
d) hydrogen bonds

The "rungs" of the double helix are made up of:
a) proteins
b) phosphate
c) deoxyribose
d) nitrogen bases

These hold the nitrogen bases together in the double helix
a) proteins
b) deoxyribose
c) hydrogen bonds
d) phosphates

The two scientists who are credited with the discovery of the double helix are:
a) Rosalind Franklin
b) James Watson and Francis Crick
c) Bert and Ernie
d) SpongeBob and Patrick

DNA replication occurs during
a) Interphase
b) prophase
c) metaphase
d) telophase

The double helix is unzipped by:
a) proteins
b) sugars
c) enzymes
d) hydrogen bonds

DNA codes for the production of:
a) proteins
b) deoxyribose
c) phosphates
d) nitrogen bases

DNA replication is important
a) so cells can grow
b) so each cell in an organism has exactly the same DNA code
c) so every cell has centrioles
d) so every cekk can divide

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