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What Indian tribe walked the “Trail of Tears?”
a) Sioux
b) Cherokee
c) Coharie
d) Lumbee

Who helped John Quincy Adams become President in the "corrupt bargain"?
a) George Washington
b) Benjamin Franklin
c) Henry Clay
d) Andrew Jackson

Who had an industrial based economy?
a) North
b) South
c) East
d) West

What is sectionalism?
a) Loyalty to one’s region
b) Loyalty to one’s country
c) Loyalty to the world
d) Loyalty to your spouse

A transcendentalist would have said the following:
a) “Let’s clear the forest out and build huge skyscrapers!”
b) “Nature is meaningless!”
c) "Nature is something that should be preserved!”
d) “It’s just a flower, what’s so great about it?"

What was the Monroe Doctrine?
a) Said no more European colonies could come to America.
b) It said America had to make new laws.
c) The French wanted a bribe or loan from America.
d) America had the right to all the land from Atlantic to Pacific.

Why did tariffs not affect the North as much?
a) They manufactured their own goods.
b) They rebelled.
c) They were all in the government.
d) The president said they wouldn’t.

Who began the Mental Illness Reforms in the U.S.?
a) Henry David Thoreau
b) Dorthea Dix
c) Horace Mann
d) Lucretia Mott

The economy of the North came from Industry, the South’s economy came from
a) Fishing
b) Factories
c) Shipbuilding
d) Agriculture

How did Manifest Destiny impact the US?
a) It gave us less freedom as we expanded west.
b) It allowed us to take over California and other areas.
c) The Manifest Destiny gave politics a new praise.
d) It allowed becoming closer to other countries easier

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