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Where do most livng things on Earth get their energy?
a) moon
b) sun
c) space
d) clouds

What is one good thing about species laying several eggs instead of having just one baby?
a) the mother can take care of all the eggs
b) prey will eat the eggs
c) there is a smaaler chance they\\
d) the father won't eat the eggs

What 3 things do plants need for photosynthesis?
a) sunlight, water, oxygen
b) sugar, carbon dioxide, oxygen
c) sunlight, oxygen carbon dioxide
d) carbon dioxide, water, sunlight

What does the arrow mean in a food web or chain?
a) the migration of a species
b) an increase in population
c) the transfer of energy
d) the stalking of prey

What characteristic is most important for animals that live in a desert?
a) knowing where to store food
b) not needing very much water
c) being able to travel long distances
d) having the ability to lay eggs

If a forest is cut down to build houses is this change beneficial, neutral, or detrimental?
a) beneficial
b) detrimental
c) neutral
d) I have no idea but I will learn it before the test

How do eyespots help a butterfly?
a) makes it look bigger
b) makes it look smaller
c) makes it angry
d) makes it blend in with its surrounding

What is the main function of seeds?
a) food
b) reproduction
c) protection
d) wind

What is a drought?
a) too much rain
b) too little rain
c) strong winds
d) wildfire

Which of these animals is a consumer?
a) algae
b) mushrooms
c) apple tree
d) sun

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