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Earth has both freshwater and salt water. About how much of Earth’s water is fresh water?
a) 3%
b) 15%
c) 67%
d) 97%

Each layer of the geosphere has mass. Which layer has the most mass?
a) the core
b) the crust
c) the ocean
d) the mantle

Sometimes fires burn down large areas of forests that are part of the biosphere. Other than the biosphere, which of Earth’s other spheres is a forest fire most likely to affect?
a) geosphere
b) cryosphere
c) atmosphere
d) hydrosphere

What is the order of the layers of the geosphere when starting from Earth’s center and moving outward?
a) core, crust, mantle
b) core, mantle, crust
c) mantle, core, atmosphere
d) atmosphere, crust, mantle

About how many times more nitrogen than oxygen is in the air?
a) about 2 times more
b) about 4 times more
c) about 6 times more
d) about 8 times more

Surface currents and waves form when energy from the sun causes two of Earth’s spheres to interact. Which two spheres interact to produce these waves and currents?
a) the geosphere and biosphere
b) the biosphere and hydrosphere
c) the cryosphere and atmosphere
d) the atmosphere and hydrosphere

At different places on Earth, depending on elevation, air pressure varies. What causes atmospheric pressure?
a) weight of air
b) density of nitrogen
c) the sun's heat and light
d) Earth's magnetic field

As altitude increases, what happens to the pressure of the air?
a) The air pressure increases.
b) The air pressure decreases
c) The air pressure stays the same
d) The air pressure increases at first, then stays the same

Earth scientists have identified four distinct layers of the atmosphere. What is the correct order of these layers from lowest to highest?
a) stratosphere, troposphere, mesosphere, thermosphere
b) thermosphere, mesosphere, stratosphere, troposphere
c) troposphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, stratosphere
d) troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere

Much of the ultraviolet radiation from the Sun is absorbed in the upper atmosphere. Which molecule is responsible for this?
a) ozone
b) nitrogen
c) hydrogen
d) carbon dioxide

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