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How do we have to change adjectives to agree with nouns in Spanish?
a) number and gender
b) number
c) gender
d) you don't change anything

How do you say: The black shirt
a) la negra camisa
b) la camisa negra
c) una negra camisa
d) una camisa negra

How do you say: the blue jeans
a) el jeans azul
b) los jeans azules
c) los azules jeans
d) los jeans azul

How do you say: An ugly sweater
a) el sueter feo
b) un sueter feo
c) un feo sueter
d) un sueter feo

How do you say: Some nice girls
a) Las chicas simpaticas
b) Las simpaticas chicas
c) Unas chicas simpaticas
d) Unas simpaticas chicas

How do you say: The white cat
a) El gato blanco
b) El gato blanca
c) Los gatos blancos
d) Los gatos blancas

What is "Como eres" asking?
a) How are you?
b) What is your name?
c) What is your favorite color?
d) What are you like?

Which is the most logical response to "Cual es tu color favorito?
a) morado
b) falda
c) asi-asi
d) pantalones

Which word means the same as "moreno(a)"
a) rubio
b) castano
c) pelirrojo
d) alto

What is the opposite of "largo"
a) pequeno
b) grande
c) corto
d) bajo

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