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Zebra mussels, an aquatic pest, came to the United States on ships from Europe during the 1980’s. They reproduce and grow so quickly that they cause major ecological changes and are driving several native species close to extinction. Zebra mussel
a) an invasive species
b) an endangered species
c) a threatened species
d) a parasite

Why are fossil fuels nonrenewable?
a) They require hundreds of millions of years to form
b) Their ecosystems change forever when they are burned
c) They are converted to carbon dioxide when they are burned
d) They exist in a very small supply

Using renewable resources while ensuring that they are not depleted is a practice called
a) sustainable development
b) monoculture
c) biological magnification
d) subsistence hunting

The number of different species in the biosphere is called
a) biodiversity
b) ecosystem diversity
c) genetic diversity
d) species diversity

Biodiversity is important to human society because it
a) is a natural resource
b) provides foods and goods
c) provides medicines
d) all of the above

An endangered species is
a) a diseased animal
b) a dangerous predator
c) a group of organisms in danger of extinction
d) all organisms at the top of food chains

All of the following are threats to biodiversity EXCEPT
a) biological magnification of toxic compounds
b) habitat fragmentation
c) invasive species
d) species preservation

The goals of conservation biology include all of the following EXCEPT
a) wise management of natural resources
b) introducing foreign species into new environments
c) preservation of habitats and wildlife
d) protection of biodiversity

A disease resulting in the deaths of one third of a dense population of bats in a cave
a) density-dependant limiting factor
b) density-independant limiting factor
c) result of exponential growth
d) nutrient-limiting factor

Whose the best?
a) Mr. Kuhn
b) Mr. Kuhn
c) Mr. Kuhn
d) Mr. Kuhn

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