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When an author uses an exaggeration for emphasis or effect.
a) hyperbole
b) flashback
c) symbolism
d) personification

When an author gives human qualities to an inanimate object.
a) personification
b) hyperbole
c) flashback
d) foreshadowing

When an author gives hints or clues about something that will happen later in a story.
a) foreshadowing
b) flashback
c) hyperbole
d) personification

When an author uses an object or image to stand for a bigger idea.
a) symbolism
b) hyperbole
c) personification
d) flashback

When an author jumps back to a scene or event that happened in the past.
a) flashback
b) foreshadowing
c) symbolism
d) hyperbole

A type of language that is used in classrooms, textbooks, and tests.
a) academic language
b) secret language
c) advanced langauge
d) complicated language

Which of the following is an example of academic language?
a) evaluate
b) dance
c) shoes
d) backyard

Events that lead to the climax
a) rising action
b) falling action
c) exposition
d) resolution

Events leading to the resolution.
a) falling action
b) rising action
c) climax
d) exposition

The most exciting part of a story.
a) climax
b) exposition
c) rising action
d) falling action

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