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_____ decisions determine which neighborhoods in a city will include businesses and which will include only houses.
a) Coalition
b) Zoning
c) Embassy
d) Appeal

Legislation that makes a territory write a constitution and prepare for statehood is a(n) _____.
a) federal republic
b) monarchy
c) enabling act
d) bureaucracy

If you are not satisfied with a court’s verdict, you can _____ to a higher court.
a) repeal
b) move
c) immigrate
d) appeal

The nonelected workers in government offices make up the _____.
a) bureaucracy
b) coalition
c) embassy
d) slackers

Treating people unfairly because of their race, sex, age, or physical condition is _____.
a) acceptable
b) discrimination
c) normal
d) protected by law

The county _____ investigates any death that does not appear to be from natural causes.
a) hospital
b) mayor
c) coroner
d) lawyer

Thousands of _____ have come to the United States in search of a better life.
a) immigrants
b) dictators
c) travelers
d) rulers

Congress has added several _____ that have changed and improved our rights under the Constitution.
a) appeals
b) treaties
c) embassies
d) ammendments

After nations in conflict make peace, their leaders may sign a(n) _____.
a) Delaration of Independence
b) mortgage
c) treaty
d) Bill of Rights

A(n) _____ is ruled by a king or queen.
a) federal republic
b) monarchy
c) democracy
d) dictatoriship

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