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At a political convention, the _____ praises the party and predicts a victory in an election.
a) acceptance speech
b) organization committee
c) keynote address
d) roll call

Interest groups try to influence _____ by lobbying legislators.
a) civil rights
b) the civil society
c) opinion polls
d) public policy

Under a system called _____, a lord protected his people in exchange for their loyalty and service.
a) economics
b) feudalism
c) mercantilism
d) capitalism

The United Nations _____ promotes cooperation among nations in health care, education, cultural development, and human rights.
a) Secretariat
b) Economic and Social Council
c) Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
d) Children's Fund

The United States does not have friendly relations with _____.
a) Israel
b) Mexico
c) China
d) North Korea

A(n) _____ is a government in which the power is given to citizens who vote for public officials.
a) bureaucracy
b) monarchy
c) federal republic
d) mercantilism

A(n) _____ is a nation’s headquarters in a foreign country.
a) coalition
b) federal republic
c) famine
d) embassy

_____ is a system in which a nation becomes strong by storing wealth and controlling the market.
a) bureaucracy
b) mercantilism
c) coalition
d) monarchy

_____ is a shortage of food so severe that many people starve.
a) famine
b) appeal
c) discrimination
d) zoning

Several minor parties can form a _____ in order to gain a voting majority.
a) coalition
b) coroner
c) treaty
d) appeal

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