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Americans adopted the republican form of government from ______.
a) Greece
b) Rome
c) England
d) France

The Constitution was written to replace _____.
a) the Declaration of Independence
b) the Preamble
c) the Articles of Confederation
d) the Magna Carta

The first ten amendments to the Constitution are called _____.
a) the Bill of Rights
b) the Declaration of Independence
c) the Preamble
d) Articles I through X

The _____ is the leader of the Senate.
a) majority leader
b) minority leader
c) Speaker of the House
d) vice president

_____ of the Constitution states "the executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States."
a) Article I
b) Article II
c) Article III
d) Article IV

The _____ hears the case when a person sues the federal government for money.
a) Federal Claims Court
b) Court of International Trade
c) Court of Customs and Patent Appeals
d) Tax Court

The Constitution gives _____ powers to the states. These are powers that the federal government does not have.
a) reserved
b) amendment
c) shared
d) charter

Judges on the court of appeals may _____.
a) change the Constitution to fit a case
b) request additional people as witnesses
c) reverse a district court's decision
d) ask for new evidence to be presented

_____ is a common wealth of the United States. This area rules itself but chooses to be part of the United States.
a) American Samoa
b) Guam
c) Puerto Rico
d) The Virgin Islands

The most common type of city government is the _____ form.
a) mayor-council
b) commission
c) council-manager
d) town meeting

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