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The boys were forced to briskly move because the dog was chasing them.
a) quickly and full of energy
b) slowly and without energy
c) really fast and crazy like
d) really slow and diagonally in direction

The girl had an epiphany while she was doing her homework and was excited.
a) a bad feeling or idea
b) a sudden intuitive perception of or an idea
c) a sad thought
d) a silly thought

The man was confused because the clues told him to go to the stone but the writing was indecipherable.
a) easy to read and understand
b) barely visible but easy to read
c) readable and exciting
d) impossible to read

The dog's plan was fizzled when the cat went inside.
a) to fail especially after a good start
b) to carry through with good luck
c) to work well
d) to disappoint

The girls were scared of the phantom when they were playing outside in the dark.
a) something you think you see that is not really there
b) something that is really there
c) a person
d) an animal

The morbid monster would not leave us alone at the haunted house.
a) horrible or disgusting
b) nice and polite
c) pretty and beautiful
d) smelly and thoughtless

The grandma replenished her candy jar after the grandkids left.
a) took away
b) emptied
c) to make full or complete again
d) washed

The accusations of the man were true.
a) thoughts and ideas
b) a claim or charge that a person is guilty
c) critiques
d) issues

The jarring pain of the dog's teeth was hard to forget.
a) to be harsh on the eyes, ears, nerves
b) good and enjoyable
c) nervous
d) to be good on the eyes, ears, nerves

The boy riveted his eyes on the girl across the room because she was beautiful.
a) set in one position
b) to fix or hold firmly
c) to move quickly and constantly
d) to tape so it holds

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