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What brings the most wealth to Russia?
a) Gold
b) workers
c) Farmers
d) Petroleum

Most resources are located in
a) West
b) East
c) North
d) South

What type of government has elections, laws, one party rule
a) unlimited
b) limited
c) republic
d) democracy

shared beliefs and values
a) culture
b) way of life
c) morals
d) thinkings

Type of government under Leninn's Rule
a) Democratic republic
b) republic
c) Totalitarian
d) free of government control

Can bring both good and bad things
a) cultural borrowing
b) cultural spreading
c) cultural sharing
d) multiculturism

Russian Federation has a
a) Leader in power
b) Dictator
c) President
d) Prime Minister

introduce communism to Russia
a) Hitler
b) Stalin
c) Lennin
d) Peter the great

Government has less control of economy
a) free economy
b) market economy
c) democratic economy
d) demand economy

What type of government did they have during the 1900s?
a) Monarchy
b) communism
c) democratic republic
d) republic

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