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The symbiotic relationship between a flower and the insect that feeds on its nectar is an example of
a) mutualism
b) predation
c) commensalism
d) parasitism

What is one difference between primary and secondary succession?
a) Primary succession is slow and secondary succession is rapid
b) Secondary succession begins with lichens and primary succession begins with trees
c) Primary succession modifies the environment and secondary succession does not
d) Secondary succession begins on soil and primary succession begins on newly exposed surfaces

Which biome is characterized by very low temperatures, little precipitation, and permafrost?
a) desert
b) tropical dry forest
c) tundra
d) temperate forest

Which of the following is NOT one of the factors that play a role in population growth rate?
a) immigration
b) demography
c) emigration
d) death rate

There are 150 Saguaro cactus plants per square kilometer in a certain area of Arizona desert. To which population characteristic does this information refer?
a) growth rate
b) population density
c) age structure
d) geographic distribution

The movement of organisms into a given area from another area is called
a) immigration
b) carrying capacity
c) population shift
d) emigration

Which are two ways a population can decrease in size?
a) immigration and emigration
b) high death rate and immigration
c) low birth rate and emigration
d) emigration and high birthrate

The various growth phases through which most populations go are represented on a (an)
a) logistic growth curve
b) exponential growth curve
c) normal curve
d) population curve

A biotic or an abiotic resource in the environment that causes population size to decrease is a
a) carrying capacity
b) limiting nutrient
c) limiting factor
d) growth factor

If a population grows larger than the carrying capacity of the environment, the
a) death rate may rise
b) birth rate may rise
c) death rate must fall
d) birthrate must fall

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