Getting Started With Word #2 Question Preview (ID: 78)

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What key do you press to delete text to the left of the insertion point?
a) Left Arrow
b) Delete
c) Backspace
d) Escape

Which of the following symbols next to a menu option indicates that a sub menu will display if you choose the menu item?
a) arrow pointing to the left
b) ellipsis
c) small triangle
d) asterick

How does Word indicate a possible grammar error?
a) a green dotted line
b) a wavy green underline
c) a wavy red underline
d) a red dotted line

To open a menu using the keyboard, hold down _________ key and the hot key.
a) Shift
b) Alt
c) Ctrl
d) Tab

A ________________ displays when you hold the mouse pointer over a toolbar button for a few seconds.
a) icon
b) insertion point
c) screen tip
d) office assistant

By default, the Standard and ________________ toolbars share one row.
a) Menu
b) Status
c) Title
d) Formatting

The ____________________ display a list of commonly used commands.
a) full menu
b) task bar
c) short menu
d) status bar

What part of the screen shows our location in a document?
a) ruler
b) task pane
c) scroll bar
d) insertion point

Which of the following includes all commands in a menu category?
a) short menu
b) full menu
c) complete menu
d) menu bar

Which of the folowing is an animated, onscreen image offers suggestions and lets you click it and type questions?
a) Help Index
b) Ask a Question Box
c) Office Assistant
d) What's This Feature

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