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A population made up primarily of prereproductive individuals will
a) increase rapidly in the future
b) become extinct
c) rarely occur
d) remain stable for several generations

Of the sex ratios below, which population should experience the greatest future growth (all other things being equal)
a) 1 male : 1 female
b) 2 male : 1 female
c) 1 male : 2 female
d) 3 male : 1 female

Which one of the following would result in an increase in the rate of population growth?
a) birth rate reduction
b) reduction in the number of females
c) death rate reduction
d) reduction in the number of males

As the size of a population approaches the carrying capacity, the
a) number of births and deaths are about equal
b) the population is in the lag phase
c) population decreases
d) biomass decreases

The current world human population is experiencing
a) a population decline
b) slow steady growth
c) stable equilibrium
d) rapid growth

* carry information away from the cell body and ** carry information toward the cell body
a) dendrites, axons
b) sensory cells, axons
c) axons, dendrites
d) sensory cells, dendrites

The brain and spinal cord are parts of the * nervous system.
a) central
b) peripheral
c) sensory
d) reactive

The work of any muscle is done during the * phase
a) contraction
b) relaxation
c) sensory
d) motor

Where is new bone added in joints?
a) at the ends
b) near the ends
c) in the middle
d) joint bone doesn't grow

* attach bones at joints and ** attach muscle to bone
a) tendons, ligaments
b) ligaments, tendons
c) veins, arteries
d) arteries, veins

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