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Ecology is the study of
a) human impact on the environment
b) the interactions between the biotic and abiotic
c) biotic components of the environment
d) the abiotic elements of the environment

The amount of the earth’s surface covered by land
a) 25%
b) 75%
c) 50%
d) 90%

Organisms that complete the final breakdown and recycling of organic materials from the remains of all organisms are the
a) consumers
b) producers
c) decomposers
d) omnivore

Which is the rock soil and sediments?
a) geosphere
b) atmosphere
c) hydrosphere
d) biosphere

Which is not true of green house gases?
a) has decreased since humans have increased carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen into the air
b) makes the earth warm enoough to support life
c) ozone and water vapor are greenhouse gases
d) warm the lowwer atmosphere and the earths surface

Which of the following is a producer
a) grass
b) worm
c) song bird
d) hawk

A niche is a
a) job or function in an ecosystem
b) dance
c) home
d) a made up word

Which nutrient is not normally in the atmosphere?
a) phospherous
b) carbon
c) nitrogen
d) sulfur

When water forms into clouds it
a) condenses
b) transpires
c) perculates
d) runs off

Which is a way humans impact the carbon cycle?
a) add more into the atmospher by burning fossil fuels
b) provide run off into waterways
c) cause plant overgrowth in streams
d) create acide rain from smelting

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