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Which of the following is an example of low-quality energy?
a) static electricity
b) gasoline
c) nuclear power
d) coal fired power plant emissions

Which law states we cannot create or destroy atoms?
a) second law of thermodynamics
b) first law of thermodynamics
c) conservation of matter
d) none listed

Which is an example of a negative feedback loop?
a) the melting of polar ice creating surface area the absorbes heat and atmosphere that traps heat
b) recycling or reusing a resource
c) vegitation removed from a valley incresing nutrient loss and erosion
d) none listed

An example of kinetic energy is
a) a leaf falling from a tree
b) sugar in a sugar bowl
c) fat stored in an animal
d) none listed

Which of the following does not represent renewable energy?
a) natural gas
b) wind
c) solar
d) hydropower

Which of the following is a way scientists do not try to reduce errors in their observations and measurements?
a) want a small data set
b) want to see evidence
c) want to be able to reproduce evidence
d) expect peer review

What is not a difference between frontier science and reliable science
a) frontier science is incorrect and reliable science is correct
b) frontier science is newer and less tested
c) reliable science has had time to be peer reviewed
d) none listed

Which is an example of high-quality matter?
a) salt in its solid form
b) salt dissolved in water
c) coal in a gas form
d) automobile emissions

Why is an incandescent lightbulb ineffientient?
a) second law of thermodynamics energy is reduced as heat during an energy transfer
b) fist law of thermodynamics energy cannot be created or destroyed
c) a system flow
d) none listed

a lack of responce during a time of an input feedback and the systems reponce
a) synergy
b) tipping point
c) time delay
d) none listed

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