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While heavily dependent on the environment, we are not dependent for everything we need to stay alive and healthy.
a) True
d) False

If everyone on earth consumed at the same level as the citizens of the U.S., we would need
a) 5 more earths
b) 100% more resources
c) 30% more resources
d) 75% more resources

Which of the following is an example of reuse?
a) turning tires into steps for a trail
b) using a backpack to transport books and later papers
c) making compost out of kitchen scrapes
d) re-melting aluminum cans

Which of the following is a nonrenewable resource?
a) oil
b) sunlight
c) trees
d) groundwater

Which of the following is a solution suggested by the author to the problem of the degradation of a shared common resource?
a) remove it from use by anyone.
b) give it to the poor
c) convert it to private ownership
d) let them eat cake

Which is an example of a natural service
a) water purification from a wetland
b) cause a system to change
c) paying for a pencil at the store
d) invasive trees taking over native habitat

The reason we observe a “pyramid” of energy flow instead of an energy flow “cube” is because
a) the laws of thermodynamics and low ecological efficiency of biological systems limits the numbers of
b) recycling
c) point source pollution
d) tragedy of the commons

Which is an example of nondegradable pollution
a) mercury
b) food waste
c) dead leaves
d) paper

What is a tipping point
a) changing environmental conditions
b) level where environmental problems an irreversible shift in the behavior of a system
c) the length of time to make more
d) an evolutionary advantage

Which is not a definition of sustanablity
a) ability to survive change
b) includes not overloading overloading the earths ability to clenses itself and replenish resources
c) does not include human cultural systems, only earths systems
d) ability to adapt to change

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