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An essential step in developing self-esteem is to...
a) recognize your abilities.
b) speak loudly.
c) avoid listening to criticism.
d) make friends with your supervisors.

Criticism that is presented in a way that can help you learn and grow is
a) positive thinking.
b) confidence
c) constructive.
d) self-esteem.

Making a daily "to do" list can help you deal with on-the-job ...
a) anger
b) assertiveness
c) arrogance
d) pressure

Repeating to yourself statements such as "I can achieve whatever I want can help overcome inner
a) confidence
b) doubt
c) pressure
d) gossip

Doing your work with .... can help you develop a reputation as a hard and willing worker.
a) constructive
b) professionalism
c) enthusiasm
d) assertive

..... is the first step in building a postive attitude.
a) Doubt
b) Enthusiasm
c) Self-esteem
d) Positive thinking

Making a list of your abilities and successes can help you build ......
a) self-esteem
b) anger
c) enthusiasm
d) attitude

A feeling or knowledge of your abilites, called...., generates success.
a) self-esteem
b) confidence
c) arrogance
d) doubt

Channeling your energy into problem solving can help you control.... on the job.
a) assertiveness
b) anger
c) gossip
d) doubt

A good way to handle a mistake is to ....
a) hide it.
b) never forget it.
c) learn from it.
d) deny it.

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