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What is eager interest?
a) arrogance
b) attitude
c) enthusiasm
d) assertiveness

What is confidently presenting yourself and your abilities to those around you?
a) self-esteem
b) assertiveness
c) arrogance
d) confidence

What is handling problems and criticism at work gracefully and maturely?
a) assertiveness
b) constructive
c) anger
d) professionalism

What is a basic outlook on life?
a) attitude
b) positive thinking
c) assertiveness
d) self-esteem

What is idle talk that consists mostly of rumors?
a) defensiveness
b) gossip
c) self-talk
d) pressure

What is putting up an emotional guard against negative opinions?
a) arrogance
b) attitude
c) self-esteem
d) defensiveness

What is being overbearing and full of self-importance?
a) enthusiasm
b) anger
c) arrogance
d) assertiveness

What is a recognition and regard for yourself and your abilities?
a) self-esteem
b) arrogance
c) assertiveness
d) attitude

An important part of professionalism is.....
a) knwing when to act defensively.
b) learning how to appear arrogant.
c) not showing too much enthusiasm
d) handling criticism gracefully.

To deal with the pressure of meeting guidelines, it's a good idea to...
a) keep your supervisor from knowing you're worried.
b) break large tasks into smaller steps.
c) always appear confident
d) volunteer for special projects.

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