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What is sublimation?
a) Process in which a solid changes directly to a gas
b) Process in which a gas changes directly to a solid
c) Process in which particles move slowly
d) Process in which a liquid changes to a gas

When does condensation occur?
a) After water starts to boil and gas forms.
b) When it gets really hot and you start to sweat.
c) When warm air comes in contact with a cold glass and liquid forms on the outside of the glass.
d) When energy is added to a liquid.

What happens when a liquid starts to boil?
a) Liquid changes to a vapor throughout the liquid.
b) Liquid particles start to move very slowly.
c) Energy is lost.
d) Liquid changes to a plasma.

Adding energy to a substance's particles is what kind of process?
a) It is an endothermic process.
b) It is an entering process.
c) It is an exothermic process.
d) It is a slow process.

Which is an exothermic process?
a) Molten iron becoming an iron peg.
b) Ice becoming water.
c) A person leaving the room.
d) Making hot chocolate.

Which of the following is an exothermic change?
a) Condensation
b) Evaporation
c) Sublimation
d) Boiling

Water evaporating is what type of change.
a) It is a physical change.
b) It is an exothermic change.
c) It is a chemical change.
d) It is a slow change.

Which of the following changes of state is exothermic?
a) Freezing
b) Evaporation
c) Melting
d) Boiling

During which change of state do atoms or molecules become more ordered?
a) Condensation
b) Boiling
c) Melting
d) Sublimation

Which of the following describes what happens as the temperature of a gas in a balloon increases?
a) The volume of the gas increases, and the speed of the particles decreases.
b) The volume of the gas decreases.
c) The speed of the particles decreases.
d) The pressure of the gas decreases.

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