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A petrified fossil forms when
a) minerals seep into the empty space of a mold.
b) the weight of sediment squeezes everything away except carbon
c) an organism becomes trapped in amber.
d) minerals replace all or part of an organism.

Rock layers are _____________than the intrusions that cut across them.
a) younger
b) none of the above
c) same age
d) older

Fossils are almost always found in
a) igneous rock
b) metamorphic rock
c) crystal
d) sedimentary rock

When rock layers are lost due to erosion, this is known as
a) extinction
b) intrusion
c) unconformity
d) extrusion

The Precambrian time began after the formation of the Earth about_____ years ago.
a) 4.6 thousand
b) 46 billion
c) 4.6 billion
d) 4.6 million

Fossils provide evidence for all of the following EXCEPT
a) changes in the Earth’s surface
b) how groups of organisms have changed over time
c) how environments and climates on Earth have changed over time.
d) exactly how Earth originally formed.

An index fossil
a) lived for a long time in one location
b) lived for a short period time and are wide spread
c) are organisms that are still alive
d) lived for a long time in many location

mold fossils form when
a) an organism is covered by sediment quickly and decays leaving an imprint of its body
b) an organism is eaten and carried away but its predator
c) an organism is washed away by moving water
d) an organism is left in the sun to dry out and leaves a mark in the land below it.

Leaf prints on rocks are called
a) print fossils
b) peserve fossils
c) carbon film fossils
d) polaroid fossils

the geoligical eras in order from oldest to youngest is
a) cenozoic, mesozoic, paleozoic, precambrian
b) precambrian,paleozoic,mesozoic,cenozoic
c) paleozoic,cenozoic, precambrian,mesozoic
d) precambrian,paleozoic,cenozoic, mesozoic

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