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Czarist Russia used what type of government?
a) mixed
b) market
c) limited
d) unlimited

What area has not declared its independence due to political differences?
a) Kazakhstan
b) Georgia
c) Chechnya
d) Turkmenistan

Scarcity has forced Russia to become more ?
a) dependent
b) interdependent
c) independent
d) nove of the above

The Soviet Union used what type of government?
a) oligarchy
b) monarchy
c) democracy
d) traditional

I westernized Russia.
a) Ivan the Great
b) Peter the Great
c) Catherine the Great
d) Nicholas the Last

This lake is being affected by erosion and pollution.
a) Arctic
b) Aral
c) Baikal
d) Caspian

In what year did democracy take over Russia?
a) 1885
b) 1917
c) 1945
d) 1991

I led the Bolshevik Revolution and installed communism in Russia.
a) Lenin
b) Khrushchev
c) Medvedev
d) Catherine the Great

Russia's major industries are found in the east, but most people live the ?
a) North
b) West
c) South
d) Southeast

I wrote about the evils of communism and spent most of my life in a gulag because of it.
a) Solzenitzen
b) Tchaikovsky
c) Lenin
d) Stalin

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