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Which of the following is not a retail sales trasaction?
a) Stealing the merchandise
b) Cash sales
c) COD sales
d) On-approval sales

Which of the following is not on a purchase order?
a) Item number
b) Unit cost
c) Quanitity
d) Related items

If the customer gives you $20 for somthing that costs 8.75, how much will the customer get back in change?
a) $12
b) $11.50
c) $11,25
d) $11.35

What is the till?
a) The cash drawer of a cash register
b) The money retured to a customer after a purchase
c) The money given to the casheir at the begining of the day
d) The empty slot inside a cash register

Which is not a basic sales transaction function?
a) Recording sales
b) Bagging the item for the customer
c) Providing receipts
d) Storing cash and sales documents

If a customer buys two jackets that cost $60 each what is the total if tax is 8%
a) $120
b) $129
c) $129.60
d) $9.60

How many slots are in a cash register?
a) 10
b) 7
c) 9
d) 8

What is the empty slot in a cash register used for?
a) checks and special items
b) coins from another country
c) $50 bills
d) personal items of the cashier

Where are the coins supposed to go in a cash register?
a) In the front
b) every other slot
c) In the empty slot
d) In the back

Why would the manager need to come and inspect larger bills like $50 and $100?
a) The bill might be fake
b) All the above
c) To check to see if its not from a bank that got robbed
d) So if someone tries to steel the money out of the cash register they dont get alot of money

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