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What is a call report?
a) a dollar or unit sales goal set for the sales staff to achieve ina specified period of time.
b) written report that documents a sales representative\'s visit with a customer.
c) any form of direct contact between a salesperson and a customer
d) contract between buyer and seller that is signed by both parties

What involves sales exchanges that occur between two or more companies of business groups?
a) Organizational Selling
b) Personal Selling
c) routine decision making
d) Cold Call

What type of decision making is used when there has been little or no previous experience with an item?
a) Extensive Decision Making
b) Selective Decision Making
c) Routine Decision Making
d) Limited Decision Making

What are terms that the average person can understand?
a) Objections
b) Boomerang Method
c) Excuses
d) Layman\'s Terms

What sales method involves using a previous customer or another neutral person who can give a testomonial about the product?
a) Superior Point Method
b) Boomerang Method
c) Third-Party Method
d) Substitution Method

What is selling additional goods or services to the customer?
a) Suggestion Selling
b) Closing the Sale
c) Buying Signals
d) Direct Close

In which close do you ask for the sale?
a) Service Close
b) Which Close
c) Standing-Room-Only close
d) Direct Close

What is a legal contract between the buyer and the supplier?
a) Invoice
b) Purchase Order
c) Layaway
d) Till

WHat is a combination bar code and number used to identify a product and manufacturer?
a) UPC
b) Opening Cash Fund
c) Till
d) POS

What is a written record of a sales transaction?
a) Sales Check
b) Layaway
c) Allowance
d) Invoice

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