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Questions From Chapeters 12-16.[print questions]

What are physical features?
a) intangible attributs related to the sale of a product that customer will get from a good or service.
b) names of other people who might buy the product
c) tangible attributes that help explain how a product is constructed.
d) reasons a cutomer buys a product.

How is nonverbal communication expressed?
a) Facial expressions
b) Hand motions
c) Eye movement
d) All of the above

Which is and open-ended question?
a) Do you like this shirt?
b) What do you dislike about the copier you're presently using?
c) Are you looking for anything special today?
d) How much do you weigh?

What is an objection?
a) reasons given when a customer has no intention of buying.
b) words the average customer can understand.
c) concerns, hesitations, doubts, complaints, or other reasons a customer has for not making a purchase
d) written record of a sales transaction.

Which is not a method to answer an objection?
a) substitution
b) boomerang
c) question
d) greeting approach

What is not a common objection?
a) Time
b) Price
c) Distribution
d) Need

which is not a tip for closing the sale?
a) Recognize closing opportunities
b) Yell at them and tell them to leave
c) Aviod threatening words
d) Hlep customers make a decision

Which method of closing the sale has you explain services that overcome obstacles or problems?
a) Service Close
b) Direct Close
c) Which Close
d) Standing-Room Only Close

Which is not included in a purchase order?
a) item number
b) time of purchase
c) quantity
d) unit

Which delivery arrangement is when the buyer pays the shipping cost and is responcible for losses for damages that occur in transit?
a) FOB Shipping Point
b) FOB Destination
c) FOB factory freight prepaid
d) FOB Destination charges reversed.

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