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What is a sales quota?
a) a dollar or unit sales goal set for the sales staff to achieve in a specific time period
b) noting the function of a product feature and explaining how it benefits the customer
c) a visit without an appointment
d) written report that documents a sales representative\'s visit with a customer

Which of these is the correct order of the selling process?
a) approach, present product, determine needs, overcome objections, close sale, suggestion selling
b) determine needs, approach, present product, close sale, suggestion selling , overcome objections
c) present product, determine needs, approach, suggestion selling, overcome objections, close sale
d) approach, determine needs, present product, overcome objections, close sale, suggestion selling

What are conscious, logical reasons for a purchase.
a) Emotional motives
b) Rational motives
c) Objections
d) Patronage motives

Which approach would you use if the customer if you believe a customer is showing interest in the product?
a) Service approach
b) Cold canvassing
c) Merchandise approach
d) Greeting approach

What is merchandising?
a) The coordination of sales and promotional plans with buying and pricing
b) Selling additional goods or servies to a customer
c) Finding customers and keeping them satisfied
d) The things customers say or do to indicate a readiness to buy

What is the boomerang method?
a) Recommending a different product that would still satisfy the customer\'s needs
b) When customer\'s objection is based on misinformation
c) Bringing the objection back to the customer as a selling point
d) Permits salesperson to acknowledge objections as valid, yet still offset them with features/benefits

Which method is the method used when your explain services that overcome obstacles or problems?
a) Which close
b) Standing-room-only close
c) Service close
d) Direct close

Which of these is NOT a rule for suggestion selling?
a) Make the suggestion definite
b) Use suggestion selling right before the customer has made a commitment to buy
c) Make the suggestion positive
d) Show the item you are suggesting

What is an allowance?
a) A partial return of the sale price for merchandise that the customer has kept
b) merchandise brought back for a cash refund or credit
c) written record of a sales transaction
d) will-call

Which of these delivery arrangements both call for the buyer to pay the shipping charges?
a) FOB shipping point and FOB destination
b) FOB destination charges reversed and FOB factory freight prepaid
c) FOB factory freight prepaid and FOB destination
d) FOB Shipping Point and FOB destination charges reversed

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