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What is the term that describes a dollar or unit sales goal set for the sales staff to achieve in a specified period of time?
a) Compensation
b) Cold Call
c) Call Report
d) Sales Quota

Routine decision making can be described as:
a) being used when a person needs little information about the product
b) being used when a person has purchased the product before but not regulary
c) being used when a person has no experience with the product
d) being used when a person wants to sell their product to a wide range of people

Which of the following is NOT a physical feature?
a) zipper
b) built-in camera
c) protection
d) pockets

Which of the following is NOT a type of buying motive?
a) Rational Motive
b) Emotional Motive
c) Patronage Motive
d) Mental Motive

What is the term that describes a process of locating as many potential customers as possible without checking leads beforehand?
a) Cold canvassing
b) Telemarketing
c) Mercandising
d) Personal selling

What type of selling is Organizational selling?
a) business to consumer
b) business to retailer
c) business to wholesaler
d) business to business

Which of the following is NOT a rule of suggestion selling?
a) Make the suggestion definite
b) show the item you are suggesting
c) Use before the customer has committed to buy
d) Make the suggestion positive

What is the term that describes a written record of a sales transaction
a) sales check
b) sales tax
c) allowance
d) invoice

What is the term that describes the cash drawer of a cash register
a) till
b) money drawer
c) opening cash fund
d) UPC

Which of the following would NOT be included in a purchase order?
a) item number
b) description
c) quantity
d) color of item

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