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What is a written report that documents a sales representative\'s visit with a customer?
a) Sales Quota
b) Invoice
c) Customer Report
d) Call Report

The Decision making skill used when there is little or no previous experience with an item is called?
a) Limited Decision Making
b) Sales Decision Making
c) Extensive Decision Making
d) Routine Decision Making

All of these are product features except for which one?
a) Basic Feature
b) Extended Product Feature
c) Selling Point Feature
d) Physical Feature

Which one of these is not a customer buying motive?
a) Referral Motive
b) Patronage Motive
c) Emotional Motive
d) Rational Motive

When deciding which approach to use, which one makes the customer feel the most welcome?
a) Service Approach
b) None of the Above
c) Merchandise Approach
d) Greeting Approach

What are words used by salespeople that the average customer can understand?
a) Jargon
b) Grammer
c) Lingo
d) Layman\'s Terms

Which answering objections method brings the customer back to the product to overcome the objection?
a) Substitution Method
b) Boomerang Method
c) Third Party Method
d) Question Method

Which close is used when there is a limited supply of a certain product and the price will be rising in the future?
a) Which Close
b) Service Close
c) Direct Close
d) Standing-Room-Only Close

A percentage fee imposed by the government on the retail price of an item or service is called what?
a) Tax
b) Standard Selling Fee
c) Sales Tax
d) Service Fees

A legal contract between the buyer and the supplier is called what?
a) Invoice
b) Reciept Order
c) Purchase Order
d) Product Sheet

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