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The combined portions of Earth in which all living things exist is called the
a) biome
b) community
c) population
d) biosphere

The branch of biology dealing with interactions among organisms and between organisms and their environment is called
a) economy
b) modeling
c) recycling
d) ecology

All of the members of a particular species that live in one area are called a (an)
a) a population
b) a community
c) an ecosystem
d) a species

The simplest grouping of more than one kind of organism in the biosphere is
a) a population
b) a community
c) an ecosystem
d) a species

The algae at the beginning of the food chain is a(n)
a) consumer
b) decomposer
c) producer
d) heterotroph

An organism that uses energy to produce its own food supply from inorganic compounds is called a (an)
a) a heterotroph
b) consumer
c) detritivore
d) autotroph

The total amount of living tissue within a given trophic level is called the
a) organic mass
b) trophic mass
c) energy mass
d) biomass

What is an ecological model of the relationships that form a network of complex interactions among organisms in a community from producers to decomposers?
a) food web
b) an ecosystem
c) spider web
d) a population

What animals eat both producers and consumers?
a) herbivores
b) omnivores
c) chemotrophs
d) autotrophs

A snake that eats a frog that has eaten an insect that fed on a plant is a
a) first-level producer
b) first-level consumer
c) second-level consumer
d) third-level consumer

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