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Which specialized method of objection would you use to recommend a different product?
a) Boomerang
b) Question
c) Third Party
d) Substitution

In which type of free on board delivery do the goods become the property of the buyer at the factory?
a) FOB shipping point
b) FOB factory feight prepaid
c) FOB destination charges reversed
d) FOB destination

What is recommending a larger quantity of a product called?
a) Cross-selling
b) Down-selling
c) Special sales opportunity
d) Up-selling

Which close would you use for someone deciding between two items?
a) Which close
b) Standing-room only close
c) Service close
d) Direct close

What is the first step in handling objections?
a) Acknowledge the objections
b) Restate the objections
c) Answer the objections
d) Listen carefully

How many products should you show the customer at a time?
a) 4
b) 2
c) 3
d) 5

What is the least effective approach?
a) Greeting approach
b) Service approach
c) Merchandise Approach
d) Theme Approach

Which customer buying motives are reasons for remaining a loyal customer of a company?
a) Patronage Motives
b) Rational Motives
c) Emotional Motives
d) Multiple Motives

What is the third step in the sales process?
a) Overcome objections
b) Suggestion selling
c) Present the product
d) Determine needs

Which objection reveals a hesitation to buy immediately?
a) Time
b) Price
c) Need
d) Product

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