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What combines a cash register wtih a computer, making it possible to capture information about the transaction at the time of sale, and to then apply it to different functions?
a) Universal Product Code (UPC)
b) point of sale (POS) system
c) purchase order (PO)
d) FOB (free on board)

When salespeople ask previous customers for names of potential customers, they are using?
a) direct check method
b) preretailing marketing method
c) third-party method
d) endless chain method

What is a written report that documents a sales representative's visit with a customer?
a) call report
b) sales check
c) invoice
d) merchandising

What are intangible attributes related to the sale of a product that customers find important?
a) customer benefits
b) feature-benefit selling
c) extended product features
d) physical features

What is a telephone solicitation to make a sale?
a) telecommuting
b) telemarketing
c) e-marketplace
d) e-tailing

What is an initial effort to close a sale?
a) direct close
b) which close
c) standing-room only close
d) trial close

What is a partial return of the sale price for merchandise that the customer has kept?
a) allowance
b) on-approval sale
c) referrals
d) merchandising

In ANPOCS, what does the O mean?
a) Overevaluate Operations
b) Overcome Obsticles
c) Overcome Objections
d) Overview Jobs

What is a dollar or unit sales goal set for the sales staff to achieve in a specific period of time?
a) performance standard
b) price
c) sales quota
d) call report

Suggesting related merchandise is also known as?
a) cross-selling
b) up-selling
c) selling point
d) sales forecast

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