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According to the Engineering Design Process, what step comes after being given the problem in writing?
a) constructs prototypes
b) research the different designs
c) gather materials needed to build
d) make drawing

What is the end result of the Engineering Design Process?
a) a design
b) redesign
c) prototype
d) suggestion

The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is an example of what kind of bridge?
a) beam
b) cantilever
c) arch
d) suspension

A force that pulls apart, is
a) shear
b) tension
c) torsion
d) compression

Give an example of a manufactured product
a) robot
b) apple
c) water
d) cat

Automation in a factory is good for
a) custom made products
b) repetitve steps
c) products for people
d) making parts for a while

Which is the best use of a robot in producing an automobile?
a) see if car drives well
b) interior smells good
c) perform repetitive tasks
d) passenger comfort

Which material is microwaveable, airtight, inexpensive, and does not break easily?
a) plain paper
b) flexible plastic
c) steel
d) glass

Which is an example of a propulsion system of a tractor?
a) headlight
b) steering wheel
c) engine
d) hood

Use a diagram, when assembling a swing, to
a) show how parts go together
b) to show tools needed
c) to show potential hazards
d) to show scale of parts

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