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Odontologists identify human remains with
a) dental records
b) fingerprints
c) lie detector tests
d) lab tests

An autopsy is performed by a
a) anthropologist
b) toxicologist
c) pathologist
d) serologist

insects at the crime scene can help to determine
a) victim's identification
b) time of death
c) the suspect's name
d) type of gun used in the crime

the document examiner may study
a) handwriting
b) paper and ink
c) signatures
d) all of the above

the specialist who might recreate a traffic accident scene is
a) forensic engineer
b) forensic entomologist
c) forensic anthropologist
d) forensic odontologist

a forensic scientist could work in a
a) airport
b) laboratory
c) jailhouse
d) museum

the serologist studies
a) bodily fluids
b) tire marks
c) hair and fiber
d) fingerprints

another place a forensic engineer could work is
a) hospital
b) fire station
c) library
d) high school

one way that investigators document a crime scene is with
a) fingerprints
b) file folders
c) a camera
d) maps

there are five steps when processing a crime scene. they are
a) check the victim, secure the area, arrest a suspect, collect evidence, document
b) check the victim, secure the area, document, collect evidence, interview witnesses
c) check the victim, search for clues, document, interview witnesses, arrest a suspect
d) check the victim, secure the area, interview witnesses, collect evidence

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