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The Renaissance began in the city-states of _____.
a) Spain
b) Italy
c) England
d) Portugul

Savonarola asked people to give up their ____ possessions.
a) religious
b) worldly
c) creative
d) imaginary

A _____ is an educated guess.
a) theory
b) heresy
c) hypothesis
d) principle

Martin Luther tried to answer questions about _____.
a) vows
b) salvation
c) theses
d) creation

_____ worked out the steps of the scientific method.
a) Harvey
b) Bacon
c) Newton
d) Darwin

_____ made discoveries about sunlight and gravity.
a) Bacon
b) Darwin
c) Harvey
d) Newton

The Sumerian writing was called _____.
a) heresy
b) cuneiform
c) plebeians
d) bushido

The ____ were common people in Rome who were not rich.
a) cureiform
b) pharaohs
c) plebeians
d) jihad

The holy war fought by the Muslims was known as _____.
a) Kremlin
b) The Great War
c) jihad
d) The 100 Years War

The first Christian emperor of Rome was _____.
a) Caesar
b) Newton
c) Hammurabi
d) Constantine

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