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As ruler of Persia, what do you think Darius was most interested in doing?
a) developing a powerful army
b) making Persia's empire strong
c) building many roads in Persia
d) defeating the Greeks in battle

Which two battles show Greece's power and cleverness in defeating Xerxes I?
a) Salamis and Marathon
b) Salamis and Plataea
c) Thermopylae and Salamis
d) Marathon and Plataea

What caused the Pelopannesian War to begin?
a) Sparta refused to join Athens in the Delian League.
b) Athens joined forces with the Persians.
c) Greek cities feared Athens would control Greece.
d) Athens quit the Peloponnesian League.

What was the most important aspect of life in Sparta?
a) learning about philosophy
b) learning to lead people
c) playing music
d) preparing for battle

What was most important to Alexander?
a) spreading Greek culture
b) caring for his sons
c) defeating the Persians
d) expanding his empire

What place did Alexander conquer without fighting a battle?
a) Gaugemela
b) Egypt
c) Persia
d) Thebes

The Parthenon is a famous Greek _____________.
a) painting
b) building
c) vase
d) poem

Why did Alexander die at an early age?
a) He was killed at his sister's wedding.
b) He was captured and put to death by the Persians.
c) He died in battle.
d) He got sick and died in Babylon from Malaria.

What allowed Philip to easily conquer the Greeks?
a) The Greeks did not unite to fight Philip.
b) The Greeks were at war with other invaders.
c) Athens refused to send its navy to fight.
d) The Spartans joined with Philip.

Governors of Persian provinces were called ____________________.
a) satraps
b) Plato
c) phalanx
d) Sophocles

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